What We Do

The Foundation continues to hold small events to raise funds for its multi-purpose Community Centre Project. Raising a few hundred dollars here and there is good, but never nearly enough.  It now recognises the importance of moving forward faster towards building the levels of capa-city its lacks to operate more efficiently and sustainably at a much higher plane. 

Today, it is working hard on a strategic plan to produce meaningful outcomes for stakeholders in the community where it operates, includes building up and improving its levels of governance training, management systems, strategic planning and communications, funding and fund-raising capabilities. It is also currently focusing on improving its limited access to appropriate, effective and affordable capacity-building advice and services and also funding support from grant-making bodies.

Through this and its other ‘touchpoints’ on the Web, the Foundation aims to generate more in-terest, awareness, engagement and participation and a better understanding of its plans and act-ivities from the public and garner more support from funding bodies to deliver more meaning-ful benefits and outcomes through the Bulwagan Foundation Trust Community Centre Building Project.