The Centre

Our Foundation’s principal mission is to plan, build and operate a Community Centre in Wel-lington that contributes to better cross-cultural understanding and cooperation between all com-munity members regardless of their ethnic backgrounds. Our vision is to use the Centre as a space where other community development organisations such as ourselves in Wellington are encouraged to use its facilities to develop and pursue more capacity-building initiatives, projects and opportunities for learning, leadership, service and career connections that together contri-bute to addressing the challenges and needs of people and the wider community.
The following values continue to guide our work:
Collaboration: Together we can achieve more than if we act alone;
Inclusivity: Diversity and inclusivity strengthen every aspect of our Foundation;
Stewardship: Communities will be healthy when we inspire residents to understand and respect each other and our environment;
Opportunity: Youth and community members will thrive when they have opportunities to learn, lead and contribute; and,
Discovery: Opportunities for discovery will help youth and communities engage, share and grow.
This mission is a huge task for a small group of professional Filipina-Kiwis living in Wellington City who have come together to plan and pursue such worthy goals as contributing to New Zea-land’s economic development and organisational development training.
We also believe that by completing this building project and instituting our own programming aimed at addressing weak links in community life, it will serve as an inspiration for other like-minded individuals residing in other main cities and significant population centers to do the same thing. What do we mean by saying doing ‘the same thing”?
Once the Bulwagan Community Centre is built, the Foundation will ensure, among other things we’ve already mentioned, that the facilities of the Centre will provide opportunities for children, youth and adults alike to learn basic work skills and habits; expand their knowledge of career opportunities; develop leadership skills; improve academic performance; increase their know-ledge of the local environment; improve personal and community health; develop an ethic of community service; and, become a place for social, civil, and physical activities that enhance the human spirit.
A few years ago a basic building design for the Centre building proper was completed. It has since undergone changes but we’d like to share with you what those perspectives looked like at the time they were made so that you can compare it with those the Foundation is planning to build in the near future once it is able to secure land and also funding support for all the ‘bricks and mortar’ needed to translate what may now still be on paper into the actual physical space for the Philippine Village Cultural and Community Centre.
Front Elevation Plan
Side Elevation Plan
Ground Level Plan
Upper Level Plan
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Thank you for your valuable time and support.