Support Us

When you donate funds of any amount to Bulwagan Foundation Trust, your gift of giving and support does matter. Every single gift of funds, grant or sponsorship support we receive add up to building the Community Centre. That, in essence, is what sets you apart in making a real dif-ference in the world we live in. 

Together with others like you, your gifts will contribute to a monthly stream of funding that equips us to pursue our work of service productively resulting in positive changes and meaning-ful outcomes for our community. 

Here’s how you can help us help others. 

Gift Giving Through Automatic Payments 

Another convenient way of giving a regular monthly gift is by automatic payments. If you opt to give in this manner, please download and print a copy of our Monthly Giving FormThis sheet contains information you will need to complete your automatic payment set up transaction. 

Gift Giving Through Direct Credit Payments 

If you have not decided what regular amount to give monthly but would like to make that deci-sion on a month-to-month basis instead, provided below are Bulwagan Foundation Trust’s bank details: 

Account Name: Bulwagan Foundation
Bank Name: Westpac (Lambton Quay Branch)
Bank Account: 03-0510-0797259-02 

Gift Giving Through Cheque Payments 

This option allows you to write out any number of post-dated cheques for amounts that you feel comfortable with. For details, simply download, print, and accomplish our Pledged Donation Form. After you’ve signed this form, please enclose your gifts of giving in a sealed envelope addressed to Bulwagan Foundation Trust. 

Address: 111 Kanpur Road, Broadmeadows, Wellington 6035 


Any amount will always be appreciated. There is no standard amount or yardstick of measure that Bulwagan Foundation Trust expects to receive from donors like you who opt to give monthly. Giving is personal. It is a product of what your heart tells you to do. 

Experience teaches us that most regular monthly donors give what they feel comfortable with. Those who do spread their intended total donation by allocating smaller amounts stretched out through several months, usually over a period of a year or more and, in some cases, much longer. 

The Foundation, however, suggests that your monthly gift of giving be an amount not less than the equivalent of NZ$ 20/month, at least to cover some of the unavoidable costs we incur when processing your monthly donations. Nevertheless, if you wish to give more than this amount, we would be most grateful for your acts of generosity and continued support. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!